The AI based analytical tool provides actual data insights and analytics of the user sentiments.

Media research platform TAM Media Research in collaboration with Revuze on Tuesday rolled out an intelligence analytics tool to help decode consumer sentiments in the Indian marketplace called CRISP . Specially crafted for marketers to gauge and understand the actual consumer reviews/sentiments, the product helps in augmenting the consumer product connect. The AI based dashboard will be available to the users from October 2020. “TAM has partnered with Revuze to bring a new age, robust, data analytics tool – CRISP, for marketers to decode the realms of unstructured feedback data from consumers and retrace it back into defining sharper brand strategies,” LV Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research, said.

CRISP (consumer reviews and influencer sentiments for brand performance) aims to help marketers with a holistic, unbiased, affordable, AI analytical tool at their fingertips. The AI based analytical tool provides actual data insights and analytics of the user sentiments. It tracks consumer sentiments across multiple ecommerce portals and decodes unstructured data in turn to help marketers with valuable information to take informed decisions. The Analyzer tool is unconstrained by human bias and perception.

Today’s evolved Indian consumer is not just pragmatic about the products they purchase but extremely vocal and quick to give reviews. For a marketer, these customer feedbacks can help realign product and communication strategy effectively, LV Krishnan stated. “It is crucial for marketers to constantly keep track, understand and re-connect while managing consumer sentiments towards brands. In a fast-paced evolving environment, it can be a crucial weapon for marketers to win additional brand sales and market shares. CRISP will help build the much-needed superior analytical prowess within the marketers business and help analyse product usage, identify areas of product/service improvement based on feedbacks so as to take quick footed decisions,” he elaborated.


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