It’s 2020 and we are going to talk about an ICU. In case you are picturing patients agonizing in pain and doctors administering dreadful injections, you couldn’t be more wrong. Meet Dr Arup Senapati, who has become the latest internet sensation for his smooth dance moves, in a Covid ward. The ENT surgeon at Assam’s Silchar Medical College was filmed sashaying to Hrithik Roshan’s club hit ‘Ghungroo toot gaye’! The video has gone viral with netizens lauding the doctor and the best compliment came from Hrithik himself! Known for his killer dance moves and trippy hit songs, the ‘War’ actor was impressed by Dr Senapati and his sweet gesture. He said that he would like to learn the groovy steps someday when he visits Assam. Applauding the ‘terrific spirit’ of the doctor, Roshan said that he would like to dance as good as Dr Senapati one day!

According to a report by the Indian Express, the doctor is known for his dancing skills and has been popular in his medical colleges and other colleagues. Dr Senapati has won some dance competitions too, the IE report said. The 34-year-old has been a huge fan of Hrithik Roshan and it shows. When told about the Bollywood star’s tweet, Dr Senapati burst out laughing and said that he is not someone who can ‘teach’ dance to Roshan.

The IE report said that during his duties at the dedicated corona wards, Dr Senapati has been trying to cheer his patients and himself through this tough phase. He says that dancing not only helps in relaxing but also keeps him positive and happy, something we all need right now. Twitter is in love with Dr Senapati and his cool dance. Many pointed out how he made sure that his face shield was in place even when dancing. Others marveled over the fact that someone could dance that good in a PPE kit!

Assam has registered over 2 lakh novel coronavirus infections with a national tally nearing 80 lakh. The health experts have warned against the surge during the festive season and have advised people not to lower their guard and be stringent about wearing masks and social distancing.


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